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Designing a basketball jersey kit.

The Basketball jersey kit is one of the most important pieces of equipment for the game. It not only serves as a means of identification for the player, but it can also be use to showcase the team’s brand and sponsors.

Design Considerations

When designing a basketball jersey kit, there are a few key considerations that need to be taken into account. The most important factor is ensuring that the jersey is comfortable to wear and allows the player to move freely. Other factors to consider include the overall look of the kit and how it will be printed. We will focus mostly on the design considerations to make when developing a basketball jersey kit.

The design of a basketball jersey kit should be influenced by the type of basketball that is going to be played. If the sport is being played indoors, then the kit can be designed to be more lightweight and tighter-fitting. If the sport is being played outdoors, then a heavier jersey can be designed that allows for more airflow and movement.

The color of the jersey should also be considered, as different colors can be better suited for different environments. For example, a light-colored jersey is ideal for playing in a bright environment, while a dark-colored jersey is better suited for playing in a more shadowy environment. What other type of environmental branding and signage do you plan on using at the event?

What time of day is the event? For example, a light-colored jersey is ideal for playing in warm weather conditions, while a dark-colored jersey is better suited for playing in cooler weather conditions.

How many teams will be competing at the event? Will players switch teams during the event?

The basketball jersey kit has to be functional and well designed.

Leave room for sponsors

Don’t forget to leave room on the jersey for potential sponsors logos. Leaving mostly natural space near the collarbone area of the jersey will satisfy most sponsors. You will also see sponsor logos taking up real estate near the lower corners of the shorts and sometimes above or below the Name/Number lookup.

RE-Wearability factor.

You want your players to re-wear their jersey. You want their jersey and/or shorts to be seen at practice, during pickup games and with friends. Thinking about a basketball jersey kits design in terms of re-wearability, can give you free brand exposure, attracting new customers, and increasing brand reinforcement leading to an increase in repurchases.

Keeping it fresh

Athletes want to feel like they’re playing in something new and fresh every game. As much as possible, try to avoid reusing the same kit designs too often. This will help keep the players feeling excited about their uniforms and give your brand more exposure with every game.

In some cases, it may be necessary to reuse certain kit designs, but try to make small changes each time so that the players feel like they’re still playing in something new.


We spoke about re wearable design, one thing we have noticed on the basketball courts a very common color of short is black. It goes with everything. Going with a back and white pallet will start you off on the right track in terms of designing a pair of shorts that will still tell the story of your brand again and again.

Other popular color combos are red and blue. Double down and go with black and blue or red and black.

Look regionally what are the colors of the local area sports teams? Having a promotional apparel item that matches a teens high school colors, well that comes with super brand spirit.

Whether at the professional or the neighborhood level, color pallets are the most important creative design when it comes to designing sporting jersey’s.” – Mike Robinson

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