Guide to the Adept Creative CMS

How to make a post

Login to the Adept CMS at yourdomain.com/login

Select “posts” on the side menu then select “Add new” , its located in the top left-hand corner right next to the word “posts”. Easy right.

Now here things get less intuitive and more systematic.

On the top right-hand corner we have our publish container. Here you will see your posts visibility, public or private and your publish date.

Below that we have our categories container. Here you want to select which category your posts topic is in. It is important to check the appropriate category box if your website contains dynamic content.

Always upload a featured image. Use appropriate size images and optimized naming conventions.

From here we create a title. It is important to use an optimized title for SEO purposes. Below that you can copy and paste your content.

To add images, page breaks or embed lists, galleries or perhaps upload your latest mixtape, select the + icon. Don’t forget about your headers. 

Learn more about the importance of headers and other SEO tips.

Now hit published. You’re now published.

How to upload media

1. Uploading media with WordPress

2. How to upload a video

3. How to upload an image

4. How to upload audio files

5. Formatting your posts for best SEO practices

6. Adding tags and categories for better organization of posts on the blog’s home page

How do you update your profile in WordPress?

1. Log into your WordPress account

2. Click on the “Profile” tab

3. Update your profile information, including a picture of yourself and other basic information about you

4. Scroll down to see all of the options for editing your profile 

5a) Add an avatar – this is a small image that will appear next to any comments or blog posts you make on WordPress 

5b) Add a bio – this should be short and sweet, describing who you are and what you do in one sentence 

6) Choose how many blogs posts show up on your homepage (between 1-9), depending on how active you want to look online 

7) Save changes when finished! You’re done updating your profile :)

How to submit a support ticket

What is a support ticket? A support ticket is a request to make an edit such as an update request on a static page. Or if you have a question about a certain feature? Problems with your adept tracking and analytics dashboard… submit a ticket.

Two options

Visit the side menu once again, only this time click Dashboard.

Scroll down or use the shortcut under “features” and “support ticket”.

Or just email us Hey@adeptcreative.com

Enter your name, your company name, email address, message. Don’t forget to add your domain name, so know where to look.

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