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How well is your content marketing driving your brand?

Every time we publish – web content, blog posts, emails, articles, information products – we represent our business and brand. We often focus on the “look” when it comes to branding, or designing of marketing materials and we often overlook the brand messaging aspect.

The goal should be to present our business as a total package, this is known as brand unity or brand cohesion.

How unified is your content messaging?

When covid shut down the majority of our client’s businesses. I took the time to look again at my own brand messaging. We spend so much time improving and evolving other brands I sometimes forget to do the same with my own brand, the Adept Creative brand. Our messaging had become bland, our social media communication had lost its originality and consistency, and our logo needed a little refresh. Our brand cohesion was scattered.

If a creative agency that already understands the importance of branding began to slack on our brand consistency and cohesion. What does that say about our own ability as marketers and designers?

Since then we have spent a lot of time looking inward and improving. Developing improved brand guidelines, scripting new and original content that aligns with our brand values, redeveloping a more define voice and tone to our messaging, and setting non-negotiable goals on the consistency of our content marketing and communications.

Here is a checklist to assess your brand cohesion

  1. Is the physical look of your brand consistent wherever it appears?
  2. Does it appear on everything?
  3. Does your digital ecosystem reflext the look of your brand?
  4. What is your brand message?
  5. Does the majority of your content carry this message?

Brand unity takes time, effort and strategic planing to implement and maintain.

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