Michelangelo: Mind of Master Exhibition

We took the team to the Cleveland Art Museum today.

Michelangelo: mind of the master presented over two dozen original drawings and working sketches. Many of the drawing demonstrate Michelangelo’s inventive preparations for his most important commissions, including the Sistine Chapel.

Our team at Adept Creative are interested in art in many forms. Many of us study the masters before us in hopes to learn or at least become inspired. This exhibit was particularly interesting to see Michelangelo’s working sketches that he used to study the human form.

One thing I always practice and encourage my team to do is sketch first. Before any design, logo, or web layout, we first sketch with pencils and paper. The trusted notepad allows for quicker iteration while simplifying the process. One thing I often see is people tend to get caught up in all of the features of their software, whether adobe illustrator or InDesign, web flow, etc. they often lose sight of what they are trying to accomplish.

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