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There are many channels you can use to increase awareness and coverage for your brand, including Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Twitter marketing is one of the most complex social media platforms. Its short life span and limited character limit make it difficult to market on this platform.

To optimize your Twitter strategy, it is important to have the most relevant Twitter stats. These statistics will help you answer questions like:

  • What percentage of people use Twitter?
  • What is the popularity of Twitter among consumers?
  • What demographics should you consider for Twitter?

Fret not. We’ll show you 10 Twitter stats to help you with your ecommerce business’s social media marketing strategy.

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1. How many users are on Twitter

When you think about a Twitter marketing campaign, one of the first questions you might ask is: How many people use Twitter?

Twitter has 192 million active users per day, according to its latest numbers for the fourth quarter 2020 (Twitter, 2021).

Twitter reported that this was an incredible 27 percent increase year-over-year. This can be attributed to both current events and their own development and improvement efforts.

This means that 55 million of Twitter’s daily active users live in the US. This represents 28.6 per cent of Twitter’s users. Rest of the users are from other countries.

The number of Twitter users from other countries has increased faster than the US over the past year. This is a 28 percent increase year-over-year for the platform’s 157 million non-US members. Comparatively, US users grew by 21 percent.

These numbers should not surprise you that Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide. It may not be as impressive as Facebook’s 1.84 billion daily users statistic, but it is clear that Twitter’s reach for marketing campaigns remains enormous.

2. Twitter Demographics

Snapchat and Instagram may have captured the attention of young people, but Twitter has its own audience.

The VAB, 2018, estimates that six out of ten (63%) Twitter users are between 35-65 years old.

This shows that Twitter is more appealing to a mature audience than Instagram and Snapchat.

The average American adult Twitter user is closer to the lower end, with a median of 40.

3. Twitter Demographics Gender

Twitter is more popular with males than it is with females in terms of global gender demographics.

Twitter users are 66 percent male and only 34 percent female (DataReportal 2019, 2019). This puts the ratio of males and females at two to 1.

This also reflects the US gender demographics, though with a smaller margin. The US Twitter demographics show that 56 percent of users are male, while 44 percent are female.

Another interesting stat to consider when creating Twitter campaigns is that women are more likely to interact with brands via social media than their male counterparts.

4. Twitter: Average Time Spent

Twitter’s average session time is 3.39 minutes (Statista 2019, 2019). This statistic shouldn’t be surprising considering the tweet’s short life span (15 to 20 minutes).

Twitter’s popularity has been rising as a news outlet, and it’s a top reason people use Twitter.

It is a popular medium for breaking news communication. Journalists make up almost 25% of all verified Twitter accounts.

It’s easy to consume the news quickly and in bite-sized form via Twitter. This is why Twitter sessions are shorter than Facebook’s average of 4.96 minutes. It is also helpful to determine the best day and time to post on Twitter.

5. Twitter App Store Downloads

In the first quarter 2019, there were 11.7 millions App Store downloads for the Twitter app – an increase of 3.6 percent year-over-year (Sensor Tower 2019).

It was also the most app store downloads per quarter since 2015, which is also the record for Twitter.

The Twitter app remains outside the top ten most downloaded iOS apps despite its growth. It is 16th on this list, which is quite far from its main competitors, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. You can find out how to get more Instagram likes by looking at this list of top Instagram hashtags in 2021.

Google Play Store isn’t too kind to the app, failing even to reach the top 20.

6. Twitter is a popular choice among B2B marketers

Here are more Twitter statistics to help you believe in the platform’s potential.

According to Statista (2018), 67 percent of B2B companies use Twitter as a digital marketing tool. This is not surprising considering the sheer number of Twitter users.

Social media allows consumers to interact with one another directly. This has allowed brands to engage with customers in a multi-directional way.

Brand messaging is not a one-sided conversation in which consumers listen. Consumers are now able to respond, interact, and react not only to brands and their messages, but also with other engaging consumers.

It’s becoming increasingly important for brands not only to be active on Twitter, but also to engage with users.

According to Twitter, 77% of users feel that a brand is more trustworthy when they reply to a tweet. Six out of ten Twitter users expect brands to respond within an hour to customer service inquiries.

7. Twitter Statistics

Take a look at these Twitter statistics:

  • Every day, half a billion tweets go out (Mention 2018, 2018).
  • This equates to 5,787 tweets every second.
  • Average Twitter users follow just five brands.

Given the fierce competition, marketing on Twitter will not be an easy task. However, it is possible.

These Twitter statistics are important to keep in mind when you launch a social media marketing strategy. Think about when is the best time to tweet in order to reach your target market.

To determine the best time to tweet, play around with your Twitter schedule.

Buffer and Hootsuite are social media tools that can help you schedule and analyze your tweets in order to determine the best times for reaching your target audience.

8. Twitter popularity in the US

With more than 47 million users, the United States is home to the majority of Twitter users. Japan and the United Kingdom follow this trend.

It is one of the most popular social media sites in America. Over 20 percent of US internet users use Twitter monthly (Emarketer 2018, 2018).

Seven of the top ten most popular Twitter accounts are actually from the land of freedom. These accounts include Katy Perry’s, Barack Obama’s, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Ellen DeGeneres. YouTube is the only brand that made it into the top ten.

Twitter is 16th with just over 56,000,000 followers, if you are curious.

9. Most-used Emoji in Tweets

The Unicode Standard currently contains over 3,000 emojis. However, the “Face With Tears of Joy”, emoji, is the most used on Twitter. It has been used more that two billion times (Emojitracker 2019, 2019).

A large smiley face, with tears streaming out of the sides of smiling eyes, is used to “show something is funny or pleasant”.

According to Twitter statistics, three of the four emojis that are tweeted are positive. Those that reflect joy are more popular than those that express sadness, anger, fearful, or disgust.

It is not surprising that positive emojis are more popular towards weekends.

Friday and Saturday are positive days for emojis, with 77.7 percent and 1.9 percent respectively.

10. Twitter Influence on Consumption Habits

If the above-mentioned Twitter statistics are still not convincing enough to you to launch an campaign, here’s a tip: Four out of ten Twitter users made a purchase after they saw it on the platform (Digital Marketing Institute 2019, 2019).

This is a wonderful reflection of how social media is having an increasing impact on consumers’ purchasing habits. It also highlights the importance of brands being present on social media.

However, getting your brand involved on Twitter is more than being interactive and engaging. You should also consider the influence of social media experts.

Twitter reports that users are more likely to buy if they see tweets from brands and influencers than if they only see brand tweets.

Participating in Twitter campaigns with influencers can have clear benefits for your company. You may want to start looking for the right influencers as soon possible.


If there is one thing you can take away from these Twitter statistics it is that Twitter is an important social media site that should be part of your brand strategy.

With 330 million users active, there is a large consumer base to engage with. Your ecommerce business could lose out if it isn’t already there. Chances are, your competition is already there.

Summary: Twitter Statistics

Here are the 2021 Twitter statistics that you should know:

  1. Twitter has 192 million users per day.
  2. The age range of 35-65 is the majority of Twitter users around the world, representing 63%.
  3. About one-to-two Twitter users are female: 34% female, 66% male.
  4. The average Twitter session lasts 3.39 minutes.
  5. In the first quarter 2019, there were 11.7 Million Twitter downloads on the App Store.
  6. B2B businesses use Twitter to market their products/services at 75 percent.
  7. 500 million tweets per day are sent.
  8. More than 20 per cent of US internet users use Twitter at least once a month.
  9. The most used emoji on Twitter is “Face With Tears of Joy”, which has been used over two billion times.
  10. 40% of Twitter users made a purchase after they saw it on Twitter.

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