What is inbound marketing?

So what is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on earning the attention of potential customers through quality content and then converting them into leads and customers through smart marketing tactics.

Inbound marketing is all about creating great content that people will want to read, share, and link to. When you produce great content, people will naturally start talking about it online, and that’s what inbound marketing is all about – generating organic traffic and leads from people who are already interested in what you have to say.

What is inbound content?

So in order to do inbound marketing, you have to understand inbound content.  Inbound content is simply content that pulls in potential customers.

The aim of inbound marketing is to pull people in by creating useful content that will ultimately affect your business or idea in some way. This means educating people on relevant topics, building trust in your brand, and delivering content in a way that it’ll be seen.

So how does inbound marketing work?

Inbound marketing works in three stages:

  1. You create inbound marketing content (a blog post, an ebook, a video series, etc.) and promote it in social media and other online channels;
  2. Search engines crawl the inbound marketing content and index it in their search results;
  3. People find your inbound marketing content in search results, click the links to read it, and convert into leads and customers.

Inbound marketing and SEO

Inbound marketing can have a huge effect in search engine optimization in two ways: inbound links and in-content links .

When people share and link to inbound marketing content in their own blog posts, in comments on forums, in tweets on Twitter, in Facebook updates and in many other online channels, this signals to the major search engines that your inbound marketing content is important.

Creating Inbound Content

When inbound marketing works best is when you create inbound content that speaks directly to the problems and needs of your target audience.

For example, if you’re in the business of selling jewelry, inbound marketing content such as a how-to guide on buying engagement rings would get more attention than a blog post about inbound marketing.

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How to Write for Your Targeted Audience?

The inbound marketing content you create should be useful, educational and entertaining. But it’s important that your in-content links direct readers to pages that are relevant to their interests in inbound marketing.

How to Be Consistent in Your Content Marketing?

The inbound marketing process can take time, which means in order to be successful in inbound marketing, you’ll need to create content consistently and keep it up over time.

But how do you find the time for inbound marketing content when you have an existing blog to write for, inbound marketing emails to send out, inbound marketing campaigns to manage and inbound sales calls to make?

That’s where in-content links come in. You can include in-content links in your inbound marketing content that link back to other useful inbound marketing content on your own site. So while you’re busy, your inbound marketing content is still getting in front of new visitors and helping to build trust in your brand.

How to scale inbound marketing with AI assisted copywriting?

Using inbound marketing as a part of your content marketing strategy.

 If you want to take your content marketing strategy up a notch, consider using inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is all about creating quality content that engages with your audience and provides value. When done correctly, this type of marketing can help you attract more leads and convert them into customers.

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