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Freelance Copywriter Wanted

Adept Creative is looking for a freelance copywriter with experience writing for the web.

About You

You are someone who likes to think and research. You enter into every project with an open mind, you are flexible and aren’t confined to a style. You work quickly, like to iterate and are you don’t fall in love with your first idea. You understand that you must refine your ideas until they tell the right story.

You want to work in a fun, laid-back, yet highly creative and productive environment.

About Adept Creative

Adept Creative was founded in 2013. We focused on marketing strategies, branding, and graphic design work. Since then, we have evolved and focus on a more complete experience for our clients, from strategy to execution. Branding, Design, and Digital services.

Our Work Environment

We are relaxed, open and are always looking to improve our skills. The people we bring in align with our core values and goals. It doesn’t matter where you came from or if you went to school. We are interested in working with you if you have the right attitude and an excellent portfolio.

If interested, please email jobs@adeptcreative.com with:

  • “Freelance Copywriter Position” in the subject line
  • Link to your website with writing samples
  • Day rate/Payment terms
  • Availability

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