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Adept Creative Announces Intent to Develop AI Applications

Adept Creative, a small full-service marketing, and branding agency based in Cleveland, Ohio, has been using artificial intelligence to aid in the copywriting process for more than 10 months. Using Artificial Intelligence has led to a 5x increase in content production for our company. With AI assisting the writing process, we have been able to scale our content marketing drastically in 2021.

Machine learning is one of the most important developments in AI. It’s only natural that Adept Creative would want to explore this revolutionary technology for its future application development. Given the increasingly competitive nature of business, leveraging machine learning will allow our agency to scale faster than ever before. This will ensure we can keep up with demand while maintaining high-quality content production. 

In 2022 Adept Creative will be researching, developing, and marketing at least one viable creative application that leverages AI and machine learning.

This isn’t a service pivot, Adept Creative will continue to offer award-winning branding, marketing, and web services. We are utilizing the diverse skill set of our team to develop an additional arm to our growing organization. Adept Creative has a unique opportunity to separate from the pack, as other creative firms continue to offer stale services that do nothing to revolutionize their field.

While research and development will be expensive, we believe this investment will be well worth it in the long term. Developing creative applications using machine learning will help us to remain relevant and competitive in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace.

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