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Mike Robinson launches Adept Creative Agency

Title: Mike Robinson launches Adept Creative Agency

After 10 years of offering freelance direct marketing and graphic design, Mike Robinson has announced he will be extending his services by assembling an agency team and going by the name Adept Creative. The Akron-based company will offer brand development, web design, logo design, photography, and video production along with the business, branding, and marketing strategy.

“We know that businesses are looking for more than just a designer,” says Robinson. “They’re looking for someone to help them strategize their marketing plan.” With 10 years of experience in advertising agencies on both coasts of America, Mike believes that this new venture is the perfect way to bridge the gap between what clients wants from their designers versus what they can get elsewhere.

The company will have a team assembled by the name of Adept Creative that is comprised of professionals from various fields such as branding, web design, and more. 

With a diverse background in both brand identity, marketing, and web development, Robinson is confident that his new company will be able to provide clients with a seamless experience from beginning to end. “I’ve been freelancing for 10 years,” said Robinson. “It was time for me to get my place.” He hopes this move will allow him the opportunity to offer more expertise in service areas such as strategic planning or social media management.

Interested parties can visit for more information www.adeptcreative.com

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