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Campfire is a content management system (CMS) developed by Liquid Ai. Campfire takes all the features you would expect from a CMS with a more intuitive user interface and a dashboard that provides advanced web performance, user behavior, and advanced tracking analytics. The product looks to add a set of AI-powered content creation tools. 

The Challenge

The team at Adept Creative was in charge of designing a complete brand identity, application design, social media, marketing, and content strategy and development. You can view the Campfire website here.

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The brand

The brand identity for the startup needed to reflect the hearts and souls and the creative minds of Campfire users. The new logo design needed to be fresh, feel young, and vibrant with a sense of creativity.

We wanted it to feel like an “art piece” made up of several types of brush strokes themed around writing utensils which would also represent writing, telling stories, and sharing media. We also wanted the design to emote some of the feelings a custom to the advanced analytics and tracking dashboard that campfire CMS.

The idea must be balanced.


The logo needed to be a flexible brand that could adapt to any color, texture, mood, or atmosphere.


The design had to feel more creative and professional at the same time.

Logo Design

We started with some rough concepts which we ultimately ended up going with a concept of

The concept developed into a custom typeface with an intricate pattern to represent brush strokes in the media. This is shown when you look closely at the “C” in Campfire.

Letter C


We wanted the logo to feel fun but still professional which was accomplished by using bright colors, patterns, and some texture.

Logo with different color variations for brand identity.

Logo with different texture variations for brand identity.

The logo was designed to be more scalable, the typeface is easily interchangeable while still having some sense of unity through it’s a pattern and brushstroke design.


Color Guide

We started by establishing a color palette to use across the brand. This consists of 16 colors that compliments each other well and can be applied to any design piece from print, UI, or web design.

The color palette compliments each other well and

Color generally plays an important role in any brand.

Branding guides for color and texture choices.


Messaging and Features

We wanted to align the brand’s voice with what we ended up calling “a feature shout-out.”

The language was casual and fun; we approached it with the concept that we were texting or messaging our friends about how much we loved or liked something.


The new branding included a variety of applications including a website, social media materials, business cards, letterhead, and marketing materials.

We wanted to ensure there was a sense of consistency throughout all the collateral but yet keep a fresh unique look through the use of color, texture, patterns, and different design elements including illustrations.


The team at Adept Creative was in charge of designing a complete brand identity, application design, social media, marketing, and content strategy and development.


The new campfire website featured custom illustrations that used color, texture, patterns, and media elements to bring inspiration for creatives who are looking to use Campfire CMS.

The UI design consisted of a bright color palette with fun patterns that.



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