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The Mission

Content creators need a platform and a polished brand. They need a combination of branding, web development, and social media strategies to get more eyes on their content.

The Outcome

The Impact


  • Brand Strategy
  • Identity Design
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Illustration
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Content Strategy
  • Social Strategy



Mock up for mobile applications. Prototypes for mobile applications. Linear style. Linear design. Vector illustration Eps10 file

Dankest is cannabis lifestyle brand

We at Adept Creative are currently developing strategies and brand identity for Dankest, along with a website. We are also collaborating with the dankest staff to develop social media and webpage content and merchandise.

The Team at Dankest has allowed us to document the progress of these projects as we develop them.

Logo Design

It always starts with a penclie and paper.

This is our current version of the logo. We will make further refinements as we further develop the brand’s identity system.

Dankest word mark in Black.

Web Development

Coming up next.

We will periodically update you more on this project and do a comprehensive case study of our work on this exciting project.

The Body

The Goal

Introduce the brand, users, customers, and setting. Start painting the picture of your hero’s current normal.

Compelling Event

Paint the picture of what spurred the hero into action what was the last straw? Why look for a solution?

The Gap

Explain the process of trying to achieve the goal or solve the problem. This is where you talk about your process.

The Gamble

Each project may be different, but often the climax is simply the design that is chosen as final.

The Rollout

Once the action is taken the falling action can be all about the rollout of the design/ Were there challenges?

The Gain

Where you illustrate the impact of the work on the hero. Have you improved things? Solved the problem?

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