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Wall decal wordmark logo at Invictus High School

My first project was in 2012. I started developing marketing strategies for a Cleveland area charter school. Within the first year we increased enrollment by 500%. We went on to work with a total of 33 charter schools in Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania. Specializing in Logos, marketing collateral, video production and web designing for the education industry.


Visual Identity

Adept Creative provides a comprehensive range of Visual Identity design services, specifically tailored for educational institutions, with an expert team of design professionals dedicated to creating compelling and unified brand identities that accurately reflect your school’s values, mission, and culture, thereby fostering a sense of belonging and pride among students while appealing to a diverse audience of prospective students and their families, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Invictus High School Logo Design
Advertising Career prep high school


Adept Creatives offers tailored solutions for school signage, which plays a crucial role in enhancing visual identity, providing clear wayfinding, and promoting the school’s brand. We specialize in designing both exterior banners and interior wayfinding systems, ensuring they align seamlessly with your school’s existing visual identity and uphold its values. Our design approach integrates aesthetics, functionality, and clarity to deliver signage that not only contributes to the school’s visual appeal and accessibility but also bolsters safety. Trust in Adept Creatives for bespoke signage solutions that excel in both form and function.

Video Production

Engaging professional photographers or videographers is a strategic move for schools aiming to boost their online presence. High-quality visual content can effectively highlight the school’s unique attributes, learning ethos, and student accomplishments, serving as a potent marketing tool. Not only does this help in drawing potential students and families by providing an authentic insight into the school’s environment, but it also aids in creating a robust brand image. By capturing memorable events and student testimonials, prospective students can experience the school community and the success stories of its graduates, thereby building credibility and trust in the school’s brand. As such, investing in professional photography and videography services can serve as a transformative element in a school’s marketing approach.

Web design mockup for Invictus High School

Web Design

Adept Creative stands out in the digital landscape by providing bespoke web design, hosting, and ongoing management services, specifically tailored for schools and day-care facilities. Understanding the unique needs of educational institutions, we create intuitive, user-friendly, and engaging websites that effectively communicate your mission and values. Our reliable hosting services ensure your site remains accessible and performs optimally at all times. Recognizing that a website is not a set-and-forget asset, we offer ongoing management to enable your online presence to evolve with your institution, reflecting changes and achievements promptly and accurately. Trust Adept Creative to handle your digital needs, so you can focus on what matters most – nurturing the learners of today into the leaders of tomorrow

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