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Flow Basketball

Startup a basketball academy with a purpose.

Flow basketball provides online basketball training and in-person camps. The nonprofit organization also restores tired community basketball courts with one-of-a-kind artwork.

Flow Basketball is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Its mission is to provide free basketball training, establish community basketball courts & promote healthy living for kids in underserved communities.

Flow focuses on four projects:

  • 1-free online basketball coaching
  • 2-artistic basketball court restorations
  • 3-Basketball events
  • 4-community outreach programs

Flow Basketball was started in the summer of 2020.

The idea came when Flow’s founder,  Mike Robinson, noticed that many of the community based courts in his home city of Cleveland, Ohio were being neglected.

The Challenge


Adept Creative has been asked to design a logo and branding system, social media startup strategy, a brand new website with ecommerce store, motion graphics and merchandising artwork.

A brand identity for a Cleveland community sports non profit organization.

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Sports, Not for Profit


Brand Identity

Logo Design

Web Design


Cleveland, Ohio

Flow basketball Logo Design

Identity Design

Something bold but fundamental like the perfect jump shot. This logo needs to be versatile. It must look good on a shirt. It needs to be able to scale down to be placed on an envelope or scaled up for some application like a large banner at a 3 on 3 tournaments.

Adept Creative’s branding for Flow basketball needed to be bold, versatile, and fashionable. embodied in the design language of the Flow branding, scattering accompanying imagery like grains of sand.


Logo Design Sketch

We also need to develop an alternative branding set used for team jerseys.

Flow basketball logo design

The Wordmarque and Colour Swatch

The word marque is a bespoke sans serif grotesque font accentuated by a smooth, clean serif font. The color swatch is a diverse set of colors with fresh hues to complement the modern aesthetic.


We used the Flow logo at different scales, with a little spin put on it so you could change it to different colors for your team or school. We also created an alternative team logo to completely change it up if you wanted.

Flow’s color story is redolent of azure oceans, sun-drenched summer days, and the momentary sluice of shadows enjoyed underneath billowing palm fronds. 

Brand stylescape


We created a bright and vibrant colorway for Flow. For the official jerseys, we used a white base with blue and tan accents. To give the jerseys a little pop we added bright numbering and lettering.


Custom typefaces were created for Flow basketball which gives each communication piece a crisp contemporary feel with clean lines. The typefaces are bold, strong, and stylish.


The Visual Identity

The visual identity is central to the branding and is underscored by pixelated photography alluding to a state of flow. Flow is a Cleveland community sports nonprofit organization and the design language needed to convey that.

Adept Creative’s branding for Flow basketball was developed with an urban edge – one that would be athletic, fresh, and young as well as sporty. The brand became a personification of style yet still with a strong sense of social responsibility.

These concepts were created to show the versatility of Flow’s visual language. The vibrant color palette and clean lines can be used in a variety of ways across all types of mediums including apparel, digital media, print collateral, and fundraising materials.

Flow’s team jerseys needed to have a distinct look from the senior brand but still work collaboratively with it.

The Visual Identity for Flow had to look good on the field but also feel fresh off the court. The vibrant color palette and clean lines can be used across all types of mediums including apparel, digital media, print collateral, and fundraising materials.

Flow’s branding was designed with an urban edge – one that would be

The distorted and wind-blown imagery is intended to show motion. The score is always changing, the game never stops. You are never out of it until the buzzer sounds.

The logo is subtle but has an athletic feel to it – two arms shooting a basketball towards the basket.

Flow is a Cleveland community sports nonprofit organization with vibrant colors that emphasize energy, excitement, and intensity while also working collaboratively with the senior brand. Flow’s team jerseys need to have a distinct look while still working collaboratively with the senior brand.

Storytelling and Print Ephemera

Flow basketball brings to life the flow basketball word marque, typography, color palette, and visual identity in a rich trendy display.

Corporate Identity

Flow’s corporate identity includes an organizational logo, word marque, color palette, and messaging guidelines.

Flow basketball brings to life the Flow Basketball word marque, typography, color palette, and visual identity in a rich trendy display.

We used rich vibrant photography showcasing Flow’s work with the community.

This seasonal Flow fundraising guide explores the Flow Basketball brand through photography and visual storytelling. This guide is intended to offer teams looking for unique ways to generate new sponsorship revenue ideas for their own.



Flow basketball t shirt design


The goal was to create something bold yet fashionable. We wanted to design trendy branded sportswear that you wanted to wear again.

Flow’s graphics and merchandise feature a refined handcrafted style distinguished by high-impact color palettes and clean vector lines. The goal was to create logos that were easy to reproduce at smaller sizes while still maintaining the visual integrity of the originals.

We decided upon these merch designs

We also created branded polos, crewneck sweatshirts, and hats for the brand.

Flow Basketball Apparel
Basketball Hoodie
Flow basketball t-shirt design
Flow Basketball Shirt


The website served as a hub of information for a few target audiences.

It provided skill development content for students trying to improve their games.

The website needed to have a section dedicated to Flow Basketball nonprofit functions. Such as volunteer efforts to clean up damaged and under-maintained community basketball courts. Along with ways to contribute to the cause.

Flow basketball needed an eCommerce store where people could order apparel online. Flow also wanted a full-featured website with registration, scheduling, and player profiles for coaches and players to manage their teams/individuals. With this new site, they can

Social Media Startup Strategy

We need to develop an advertising model for their social media accounts so that they can keep growing at a consistent rate. They also need to have a vision for their social media accounts. Flow Basketball should have a plan to be different on social media by telling stories that are compelling and relevant.

Flow basketball Website design

Flow basketball, a long-time client of Adept Creative, has made a significant impact in the world of basketball with their captivating logo graphics and merchandise.

The logo design reflects the essence of the brand, embodying the spirit of the game and the passion of its players. By leveraging their expertise in branding and design, Adept Creative has helped Flow basketball create a visually appealing and recognizable logo that resonates with fans and represents the team’s identity.

The merchandising efforts have also been a success, offering fans a range of high-quality products featuring the distinctive Flow basketball logo. From t-shirts to accessories, the merchandise serves as a way for fans to engage with the brand and showcase their support. Through their collaboration with Adept Creative, Flow basketball has successfully built a strong brand presence and cultivated a loyal fan base.

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