Nimble Yoga

Expanding from a small studio into a three location brand.


  • Logo Design
  • Identity
  • Messaging
  • Environmental Design
  • Print collateral
  • Web Design
  • Brand and Marketing Strategy

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Nimble Yoga is a fun, friendly, and trendy yoga studio. A new brand with a vision for expansion.

After 3 months of creativity, we built a new brand from the ground up, a marketing strategy, merch design, social media, along with a brand new optimized website. 

Nimble Yoga is an independently owned yoga studio committed to the highest quality of yoga instruction.

“With three locations in Nashville, TN they are more than just a yoga studio. We are family! Our fun and friendly atmosphere make Nimble Yoga unlike any other studio in town.”

Brand Identity

Nimble wanted a simple clean logo that stood out from all of the other yoga studio logos. They wanted something that would look good on a large wall and on a t-shirt.

We ended up with the logo you see here. Designed in Adobe Illustrator to allow for easy color changes, multiple looks, and suited for all creative needs. The design has a fun feel with the use of pointed shapes but also has relaxing qualities which makes it perfect for yoga or meditation.

The Website


The website was designed with a mobile-first approach. We kept the nav on the bottom which allowed for a smooth transition from desktop to mobile and back without any menu changes. We structured the scrolling nav menu to be collapsed down while on mobile to keep things nice and tight.

Nimble offers a wide array of classes that cover every need from prenatal yoga to youth yoga. We had to find a way to show all these options on the website without making it look overwhelming. So we chose the flexible grid layout, with images denoting each class type, and allowed for easy scrolling through these choices.


Nimble Yoga website design About Us
nimble yoga website design layout

The Studio 

has three locations in Nashville, TN and we designed the brand to be flexible enough for all three. Colors and patterns can be changed to fit each store or a single look across all stores.

We used a fun upbeat color palette that was playful yet relaxing at the same time. We wanted it to feel like a spa but also a trendy morning yoga class. We printed it out in a variety of sizes and on a variety of mediums to show how dynamic the band can be when applied properly.

Nimble Yoga Columbus
Front door business
Wall mockup


Nimble Yoga is known for its super cool merch design that’s been seen everywhere from fashion runways to music festivals. After the success of their online store, they wanted to expand into retail and expand the design as well.

The Merchandise

All of Nimble Yoga

Social Media

Nimble Yoga is growing every day, their social media along with it. Nimble needed a look that fit the brand and allowed for fun creative posts. We went with clean flat colors to allow room for photos and drawings while still maintaining simple traits of the nimble brand.

Adept Creative, a leading design agency renowned for their expertise in branding and creative solutions, embarked on an exciting project with Nimble Yoga. Their collaboration focused on creating a new logo that would embody the essence of Nimble Yoga’s vision and values. Adept Creative’s talented team worked closely with Nimble Yoga to understand their brand identity, target audience, and desired aesthetic.

Through a meticulous design process, Adept Creative crafted a captivating logo that captured the essence of Nimble Yoga’s philosophy. The logo represents the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, while incorporating elements that symbolize balance, flexibility, and harmony. By seamlessly blending typography, color theory, and graphic elements, Adept Creative developed a logo that resonated with Nimble Yoga’s core values and visually expressed their brand story.

In addition to the logo design, Adept Creative extended their expertise to create an immersive brand experience by designing the interior and exterior branding for Nimble Yoga. They carefully curated an environment that reflected the tranquil and welcoming atmosphere of the studio. From signage to wall graphics, Adept Creative ensured that every element aligned with the overall brand identity, creating a cohesive and visually impactful space.

The collaboration between Adept Creative and Nimble Yoga exemplifies the power of strategic design and branding. Through their combined efforts, they successfully created a distinctive logo and a visually stunning branded environment that encapsulates the essence of Nimble Yoga and provides an unforgettable experience for their clients.

Nimble Yoga T-shirt Design
nimble yoga apparel design
Flamingo logo design

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