The Sentient

The Sentient

The Future of Sci-Fi.

The Sentient is a physical and digital sci-fi publication that features 4 original storylines every month. The publication also features parody and satirical articles that provide a little more atmospheric insight into the world that these stores are told through.

The Challenge

Develop design systems for the publication including additional digital branding and visual design. We are in the process of building a website and will be the go-to team to produce and curate the content for future publications and promotional and supplemental digital content for the Sentient brand.


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"Sometimes the design challenge is looking right in the face. So we went with the obvious answer here..."

The challenge was how do we distinguish the 4 featured stories from the rest of the supplement content. The answer was simple, design a color system that would correspond to each story timeline.

Alien Nior Poster

Print Magazine

The Interface Look and Feel

We wanted to use this as a storytelling device as well as create an interesting way of storytelling. The system is clean, simple, and highly flexible. We also decided to go with an interface that was immersive and realistic for the reader to enjoy the stories in a new way.



The sentient website design

Website Design

The interface look and feel are carried over to the website design. The website has sections that are dedicated to each timeline separated by color. There is also an additional site registration/login system that can be used for future publications, events, and exclusive digital material releases.

The goal of the website is to drive traffic and user engagement. We hope that we can promote the magazine and supplement material through this platform as well as create a community of Sentient supporters and future fans.

AI-assisted Content Creation

The Sentient is not just a magazine, it’s an experience. We are looking to create interactive storytelling experiences through this platform as well as forge different forms of user engagement. The first endeavor into uncharted waters for the publication system will be AI-assisted content creation and editing.

We believe that there need to be advancements in storytelling platforms. The Sentient is an attempt at storytelling that takes storytelling beyond the page and into a digital ecosystem where users can take part in the experience. We are always looking for new ways to engage users so if you have any suggestions feel free to contact us.

The Future of Sci-Fi Is Here

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Social Media

The following are social media platforms that have been created for The Sentient.

Social Media Platforms

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