Brand Identity Design for a Cannabis research start-up.

Theory growth is a start-up business in the cannabis sector. The company established in 2021 is a research and development organization. The idea for a safer product for human consumption was born when members of the theory growth team came from various disciplines, including chemists, biologists, and physicians.

The Challenge

Due to our previous experience working within the growing marijuana industry, Theory Growth asked us to design the logo and identity. We provided a variety of branding designs for marketing collateral, promotional materials along with various communication touchpoints.

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Brand Identity Design

Theory Growth is a start-up business in the cannabis sector. After developing several different cannabis products, the need for branding and marketing arose. We began by working with Theory Growth to establish their voice and tone, before moving on design work including promotional material and presentation decks.

Brand identity

One of the challenges theory growth faced was that they had to create a brand identity that alludes to their cannabis background but also allows them to expand into other industries without appearing as just another weed business. We decided on creating a logo with scientific elements, specifically DNA strands which nod to the scientific.

Adept Creative, a renowned branding and creative agency, undertook the task of designing a brand identity system for Theory Growth, a startup cannabis company dedicated to cultivating safe cannabis products.

Adept Creative’s mission was to create a brand identity that would effectively communicate Theory Growth’s values and position in the market. The resulting brand identity designed by Adept Creative reflects the essence of Theory Growth’s mission and resonates with their target audience. By combining strategic thinking, creative ideas, and a deep understanding of Theory Growth’s position and purpose, Adept Creative crafted a brand identity system that establishes a meaningful connection between the brand and its customers.

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